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Services: Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Allied Inc. offers their clients two levels of preventative maintenance on power presses and other press room equipment.  Technicians will always report urgent findings to the client as well as the written report.
As a guide line only, it is recommended that a press receive a Level A alternating every other year with a Level B for maintenance. There are several factors which will alter the required frequency of a Level B:

  • Age of the press and/or date of last rebuild
  • Manufacturer of the clutch and brake
  • Environment and history of the press & press usage

LEVEL A  -  Visual and auditory inspection of press

  • Measure clearances in bearings
  • Measure clearances in clutch and in brake
  • Certified Electrician inspects components for wear
  • Measure clearances in the gibs
  • Measure parallelism of ram
  • Pneumatics and condition of press frame inspected

Visual and auditory inspection of valves

  • Look for exhausting mist
  • Check if unit faults when 1 solenoid is operating and check reset
  • Listen for proper blow through

Level B - Tear Down and Inspect

  • Tear down clutch and inspect
  • Tear down brake and inspect
  • Change Oil
  • Re-assemble press & check all clearances as per "Level A"
  • Certified Electrician inspects components for wear
  • Pneumatics, lubrication and condition of press frame inspected


A complete valve inspection is recommended every year or every other year along with the annual press inspection, regardless if a Level A or B inspection is being done. As it is now, this industry usually suffers from downtime due to poor valve inspection schedules and only has a valve opened up once it has malfunctioned or faulted.

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