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Bijur lube system

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Lubrication Systems

The lubrication system on your equipment is undoubtedly one of the most vital yet under-maintained items in your facility.

A properly maintained lubrication system will prolong the life of your equipment.  It is a fact that faulty, blocked or missed lubrication points will seriously damage your equipment.

Allied has included the inspection of your lubrication system into our regular Preventative Maintenance program. 

CALL ALLIED if you have any questions or concerns about the integrity or effectiveness of your system.  Protect your bearings! Allied can replace defective systems parts, repair damaged lines or relieve blocked passages. 

It has been Allied’s experience that many facilities rely on manual lubrication programs for their equipment.  Unfortunately, in this case it is human error to miss lubricating points and this can lead to damaged bearings or parts.

If your current system is obsolete let our expert staff propose a system for you.

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