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Blow Press backshaft combination clutch/brake; New seal / new friction material done on site without backshaft removal

Services: Clutch & Brake


Allied will rebuild and/or repair all makes and manufacturers of single units and combination clutch/brake units.
Allied will facilitate the entire project including:

  • Parts procurement direct from the manufacturer
  • Machine shop services for obsolete part manufacturing or repair
  • Re-line drive plate fricition material
  • Shrink fit new hubs if necessary
  • Bore and key all hubs

CALL ALLIED as our technicians have a great deal of experience with:

  • Wichita, Industrial Clutch
  • Brown Boggs Clutch, Band Brake
  • Ortlinghaus
  • Desch
  • USI Torc-pac
  • All press manufacturer’s designed clutches, brakes and wet clutches

News Release - May 2009
Allied Inc. is awarded Certified Rebuilder status by Torque Inc. for meeting Torque’s standards for installing and servicing Wichita and Industrial Clutch Products. Steve Park, President, Torque Inc. presents Allied’s Mike Wisnoski and Bob Howson with Torque’s Certified Rebuilder award.

Converted a single air set brake into two Spring Set brakes, modified existing equipment to accept the new brakes, modified guarding and fabricated new guarding for the machine

New brake system for Bender press


A properly designed and manufactured clutch and brake will decrease your stop times and eliminate full revolution machines.  Converting brakes from air set to spring set is a matter of compliance to the CSA-Z142 standard. 

Allied’s experienced millwrights and Torque Inc’s design engineer will choose the best unit appropriate for your application. Allied promotes Wichita as the premium clutch of choice for your conversion for the following reasons:

  • Cost effective
  • All parts and friction discs are readily available
  • Wichita has incorporated air tubes in their design which eliminates the need for frequent replacing of u-cups, seals and o-rings.
  • The ability to adjust the clearance in the unit prolongs the life of the friction discs.
CALL ALLIED to prepare your clutch conversion design and quotation.
Call us toll-free at 1-866-277-1819, or email or Service Department